Buytopia heats up Edmonton with a hot deal to Staples! heats up Edmonton with a hot deal to Staples! Buytopia is a little different then most of other daily deals sites you have seen me post on the blog thus far. They specializes in featuring large reputable retailers and feature between one and two national promotions per month. They still feature many of the top selling deals in the cities they operate, think house cleaning, restaurants, salons and spa, but they also feature huge brands like Staples, Sears, and Cirque du Soleil!

Their last promotion with Sears Canada sold-out all 5000 vouchers in less than 6 hours! Typically these large brands want to limit the number of vouchers sold otherwise every person in Canada would buy one. Buying a national retail voucher in my opinion is pretty much an intelligence test, (Everyone will buy something at Staples at some point, so getting $10 for $20 is like printing money).

Buytopia proves themselves yet again with a special offer to Staples! The Staples $25 for $50 deal is valid on ALL items at ANY Staples store in Edmonton!

To make it even more interesting, Buytopia offers its members extra discounts through their “time-limited” promo codes. Randomly, throughout the week they will send out a promo code to their database which will get you anywhere from $5-$50 off their deals that day that is only in their email newsletter. If that wasn’t enough, Buytopia, unlike many of the deal sites which offer you a one time payment when your friends buy, allows you to refer your friends and get anywhere from 15%-25% in Buytopia credits or CASH whey your friends buy the deal. They call this program “Deals are more fun when you share with friends”. is one of the more reputable and established daily deals sites. They’ve been around for over a year and are a 100% Canadian based company. They have daily deals in most major city across Canada and have aggressive plans to be in every city in Canada by the end of the year. Apparently in one of their press releases they say that there’s a couple National Brands to come this fall that will blow everyone away. I personally can’t wait to see what more great deals they have planned for the near future.

I encourage you to check out and support