LOTTO MAX: Like and Share us on Facebook and we’ll split $50 MILLION with you! (Draw is this Friday, May 18)

Edmonton Deals Blog wants to thank you for your support and help us all get a little richer!

Since no one won the Lotto Max Jackpot again for the second consecutive week, the Jackpot has carried forward to this Friday, May 18. This week’s draw is for $50 Million plus 20 MaxMillion prizes! I purchased another $100 worth of tickets (we didn’t win any free play ticket last week) for the draw this Friday (May 18, 2012) giving us 60 lucky chances to win! Let’s do this and take home the Jackpot! The 3rd time’s a charm!

If you want a piece of the pie, you must “Like” Us on Facebook and “Share” this week’s new Lotto Max photo on our Facebook page prior to the draw on Friday, May 18, 2012 at 7pm MT and you’ll automatically be entered into our pool. If one of our tickets hits the $50 Million Jackpot or any one of the 20 MaxMillions prizes, I’ll split the winnings with everyone who Likes Us on Facebook and Shared this week’s LottoMax image on our Facebook page across my network of Deals Blogs across Canada!

If you Liked and Shared last week’s post you must Share this week`s new Lotto Max image if you want to qualify for this weeks draw.

Good luck to all of us! Please tell and share this with everyone you know. The more people that enter, the more tickets I’ll buy for the next Max Jackpot!

How will you spend the money if we win? Post in the comments below.

Click here to “Like” Us on Facebook and “Share” the new Lotto Max image on Facebook to enter!

Disclaimer: You must “Like” Us on Facebook and “Share” this week’s new Lotto Max image on Facebook prior to the draw on Friday, May 18, 2012 at 7pm MT, 6pm PT, 9pm ET to qualify. There’s a limit of 1 entry per person and you must be of legal age according to the gaming commission. Only the winnings from hitting 7 of 7 in the Main Draw or 7 of 7 in the MaxMillions draw will be shared with everyone who Liked and Shared this week’s Lotto Max post on Facebook across my network of Deals Blogs across Canada (Ie. Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Montreal).